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The For All Who Love Foundation has the goal to create more tolerance and acceptance for people who do not conform themselves to the ideal image of western society and beyond. We are committed to creating more courtesy and love for each other.

We strive to create this courtesy by hosting events for different groups such as panel talks about racism on grindr during Pride, an intimate conversation with queer rap icon Cakes da Killa and Mini Milkshake: a festival for people with a mental and/or physical disablity.

The foundation pays special attention to minority groups in 4 pillars: LGBTQIA +, the elderly, people with disabilities, and we support projects against racism.

What we do

Our events

Throughout the year we organise a wide array of events. To find more about these events you can click the pink button bellow.

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Together we can change the world. To find out more about who help us realise all our plans and project you can click the pink button bellow.
Partners & sponsors