For All Who Love.. ADE

During Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 we had the opportunity to invite the most inspiring queer voices to share their view on queer representation in nightlife. From the importance of drag to the safety of our queer club scene, we wanted to inform and broaden the view on what it means to be queer in today’s nightlife.


Talk: Cakes da Killa (USA)


An intimate conversation with queer rap icon Cakes da Killa


JeanPaul Paula (NL)


Panel: Queer Nightlife

A conversation with organizers at the forefront of queer nightlife on safety, inclusivity and the way forward in queer representation in nightlife.


Jörgen Tjon A Fong (NL)



Kasper Burghout (Pornceptual || DE)

Anne Rodermond (Club Church || NL)

Junior van Keulen (Club NYX || NL

Marieke Samallo (Milkshake Festival || NL)

Kae Burke (House of Yes || USA)

Sherryl Netteb (Ms.Jones || NL)

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